Sunday, May 18, 2008

May Day and Flowers

Remember the May pole. Well, maybe not. Things do change from time to time---some things are just forgotten. But I have to say I love May with its spring flowers popping their colorful, little heads out of the grounds to bask in the sunlight.

Two weeks ago, I flew to St. Louis for an anticipated visit. I watched the scenery change from take-off of palm trees and sand, to landing among oak and maple trees and green grass. Of course the weather was a bit cooler up in Missouri for this time of the year, but I had plenty of warm clothes.

My schedule was full with visits to friends and family, besides sightseeing. I hit the tarmac running. Driving back and forth between Missouri and Illinois, I have to say life was interesting during my visit.

First in order was to see a few friends. Betty and Bob Cook put me up for two nights, and Bev and Bob Joseph, met me for supper one night. Our friendships go way back before electricity and running water. . . .no, just kidding. Then Dixie Johnson joined my daughter and me for lunch one day. The three of us had worked for the same company at separate times.

In Illinois, I stayed with our daughter, Dana, whose husband, Doug Clemons, treated the whole family to Morrel mushrooms he found during one of his hunting days. Absolutely delicious. Okay, Doug, you've sold me on the Morels. . . . I’ll be back next year. I also had lunch with the ladies group from the Metro Community Church that my daughter attends. It was my pleasure to share time with them.

There were two highlights to this trip. The first one was to visit with cousins I didn’t even know I had. We met at JoAnn Thomas’ house, who treated us to appetizers, coffee, and tea, as we shared pictures of our families, new and old.


Wilbert Jansing, Betty Hansmann Conrad, Judy Jansing Taub, Carole Jansing Deaver, JoAnn Jansing Thomas and Viola Lorberg Bohn.

The next highlight in my schedule was to visit with twenty ladies that I graduated with from Jennings High School. We met at Rizzo’s Restaurant in O’Fallon, Missouri. The meal was wonderful and the company was fabulous. Sharing was the theme of the day.


Shirley Moon Takatz, Annette Barkey Geary, Judy Crosson Willenberg, Sandy Koeneman, Judy Seidel Gruner, Marsha Muir Ronsick, Carol Kellinger, Gail Bruce Rickard, Barbara Clark Hauschild, Carol Warren Harris, Jeanette Gebauer Shriver, Bonnie Brader Watson, Gwyn Koetterheinrich Ramsey, Sandy White Colvin, Carol Argurieo Lynch, Charlotte Perrine Daniels, Rosie Fasholt Bradley, Susan Middleton Shaffer (from the class of 1960) Tammy Mahlandt Williams, and Sue Sievers Gotsch

Before I headed home, my brother David and his wife Joyce met me for dinner and we rehashed old family stories. Then we drove around St. Louis, searching out our old homes and reliving experiences.

All in all, the trip was a great success and I appreciated the leisure time for when I arrived back home, my manuscript, JOURNEY TO TRACER’S POINT, was waiting for final revisions. My friends, it won’t be long before the book is published and ready for sale. But I will keep you posted on each step as we travel this highway of publishing together.

So, grab a book and sit back to enjoy an adventure.

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