Friday, January 09, 2009

Didja Know

I read in the paper the other day that a man in England celebrates Christmas every day since 1994. Not only does he mail cards to himself and has his decorations up continuously, but he indulges in a complete holiday meal which includes turkey and champagne. His routine begins in the morning with opening presents he bought for himself, before he starts eating his full meal and mince pie. Then he sits down in front of the 'tellie' and watches the queen's Christmas speech on video.

Strange but true.


Morgan Mandel said...

And he probably feels good every day and is filled with the Christmas spirit.

If it makes him happy, why not?

Morgan Mandel

Janet Grace Riehl said...

This pretty much sounds like what those of us with December birthdays must do...make our own celebration, independently of whether or not people in our circle recall the day for us/with us.


Janet Riehl

Morgan Mandel said...

You're getting a Premio Dardos award Sunday. Stop by to learn more.

Morgan Mandel

Loretta said...

We all need to do something (every day) to make us feel special. Kudos to this man for not getting so caught up in life that he forgets to celebrate it.

Velda Brotherton said...

Hi Gwyn, Thought since you follow my blog, I'd ought to check in on yours more often. My dauqhter would gladly celebrate Christmas every day, she loves it so. And she's no longer a kid, either. Thanks for sharing the Christmas story.