Monday, January 19, 2009


I read a very interesting article today on "protecting your time" or whatever. At the Plot Monkey, they were discussing that many writers let everyday living get in the way of their writing. How true. We set up our schedules and sometimes writing isn't put first or near the top. As time goes on and a deadline arrives, we're pushed to do the work which upsets the apple cart. Our nerves get shortened and we wonder why. Why do we do this to ourselves? It's called planning, prioritizing our schedules, blocking time. As writers we can make our business and family schedules work together, for family is definitely important and should be considered first. But every day mundane things creep in and suddenly we realize that no words flew across our monitor, our characters and story were left behind again.

I realize that some people work better under pressure, but not to the point of frazzled nerves. I for one plan to schedule a little better, making sure that I get my behind in the chair and setting up a block of time for writing. I guess you'd call this a New Year's Resolution. Nah, they never work for me. It's more like a lifetime challenge. Give it a this year, make it work for you. Good luck


Morgan Mandel said...

Like you say, pressure is good, but not too much of it. Applying our own pressure to get writing done takes discipline, but it's necessary.

Morgan Mandel

Helen Ginger said...

I always plan to do better. I even make a note to myself to write first.

I don't often keep my plan, but I do keep trying.

Trevas said...

I for one am quite guilty of leaving things to the last minute. Having said that though, I've been freelancing long enough to know exactly what I'm capable of and how quickly I can complete most of the work I do. I think for me it becomes more of a case of, I tell myself I don't have to start that yet - and then I don't :-)