Friday, March 06, 2009

Back to School

What a fantastic time I’ve had the last couple of weeks.

First of all I went back to school. No, not to study, but to speak to three Creative Writing Classes and the Dead Poets Club at the Port Charlotte High School here in Florida.

The opportunity to speak to the students about developing a manuscript and the steps necessary to be published was not only an enlightenment to the students, but to me as well. My friend, Virginia, shared the limelight, exhibiting reference and self-help books necessary to further their writing careers. We interspersed logical formatting information along with handouts on manuscript completion.

I personally was inspired by the eagerness as the students listened and questioned us about the how-to’s in the publishing world. Many of the students had several chapters written and one young man was a published poet. Thank you, Mrs. Flowers for the opportunity to share time with all of your students.

Another exciting experience in my world was an interview on Internet Radio Ear Network by Joe Dobzynski, at the Sarasota Border’s bookstore here in Florida. What an experience and loved being part of this technology. I was a little nervous at first, but Joe graciously made me feel right at home. We discussed my book and the writing processes necessary to be published.

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