Friday, June 19, 2009

Movin' On Down the Line

Hello again from Thelma and Louise as we bring you the exciting details of our journey.

The Silver Fox is on the move again, traveling the byways of America. We had an opportunity to enjoy a stop in Gettysburg for a few days and what an adventure. We met some great people, visited many historical sites.

We took a 2-hour bus tour across the battle grounds of Gettysburg. An awesome experience. To see the statues and to hear the guide's rendition of the battle left a lasting impression of the Civil War.

One stop was the Jennie Wade house. She was the only civilian killed in Gettysburg during the battle there. A bullet penetrated two doors, hitting her in the back while she was kneading dough. The story and hour tour was very interesting.

Next we drove up to Harrisburg for lunch with my son, Steve Ramsey and his wife Brenda, before traveling down Route 896 through Amish country. A stop at a roadside farm was quite interesting. We purchased chow chow, apple butter, and several pieces of fruit. Then on to Delaware for a couple of days with friends and relatives.

Now we are back in Pennsylvania, north of Philadelphia in Bucks County. We scheduled several visits with more libraries and bookstores which should be a challenge.

So as we travel through our great country, grab a book, read, and enjoy a whole other world.


Heidiwriter said...

Hi Gwyn, I'm back from my "Thelma and Louise" trip, and I can only say I'm very glad I was gone "only" 3 weeks, and not 5!! I am very road-weary, but I had a fabulous time, saw lots of people I hadn't seen in a long time and sold lots of books!

Continue having fun!

Gwyn Ramsey said...

Heidi, Hope your trip was fantastic.