Wednesday, June 24, 2009

News of the Weird

Chuck Shepherd's New of the Weird had the following article during the week of June 14, 2009. It makes you wonder when people will begin to realize that crime doesn't pay.

Donny Guy, 31, was arrested in Hickory, N.C., in May and charged with burglary of the Captain's Galley Seafood restaurant in a caper caught on surveillance video. Guy was immediately a suspect because he lives in an apartment about 50 yards from the restaurant, and there were two paper trails from the restaurant almost to his front door. The video revealed that, in carrying away the two cash registers in the dark, the burglar failed to notice that the spools of paper in each machine had snagged on something in the restaurant and were unraveling with each step he took. [Hickory Daily Record, 5-16-09]

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