Monday, June 08, 2009

Ride the Interstates with Ginny and Gwyn

What a trip! A 5-week book tour and the first week is already over. So far "Thelma and Louise" (as everyone calls us) have whisked past Savannah, Georgia and made our usual stop in Clinton, SC. This is one place we never want to miss for the Blue Ocean Seafood Restaurant has the largest and best tasting scallops you every want to eat.

Last year we talked about the scallops for weeks. As Ginny and I drove north, our mouths watering just thinking about those tasty little morsels. We were excited. Driving into the parking lot, we noticed we were the only vehicle in the lot. Oh, oh. There was definitely something wrong here. Yep, they were close on Mondays. We were irate. How could a restaurant close on a Monday, especially since we had planned this stop and had driven so far? AHHHH!

Well ,this year, is different. We planned better and were well pleased with ourselves. The meal was fantastic and the Quality Inn behind the restaurant was a delightful place to stop for the night.

We made a stop in Savannah and walked the waterfront. The quaint shops are very adicting, especially the candy store. Then the next day, we visited Charleston. We took a boat ride out to Fort Sumter for an educational tour. What an exciting time and the fort was worth the trip.

The next day we were back on the road, following the Future Interstate 26. This particular road has been the 'Future' for at least two years that we have traveled it. Maybe even three. Who's counting. Anyway, we were headed toward the unique town of Big Stone Gap, home of Andriana Trigiani. She wrote Big Stone Gap, Big Cherry Holler, 2 others in the series, and her latest book Very Valentine. At the present time she is writing the script for the movie Big Stone Gap.

Ginny and I were able to visit with Adriana when she held her book signing at the Circle Bookstore on St. Armand's Circle in Sarasota., FL. What a woman and a friend.

Back to our travels. . . .We stopped at several libraries to acquaint them with our books, (JOURNEY TO TRACER'S POINT, WINDS OF CHANGE by Gwyn Ramsey and EMERALDS ON WEDNESDAY by Virginia Crane). Gate City Library was our first stop. The reception was fantastic. The library bought all three books. Then traveled on through the Jefferson National Forest. Gorgeous countryside. We reached the Fran and Sharon Turner residence where we stayed a couple days before heading north again. While there we visited the Big Stone Gap Library where they were excited about our books and bought them for the library. Then on to the Wampler Library at the Mountain Empire Community College. Here we were acquainted with their big Fox Reading Festival in March 2010. They invited Ginny and me to attend as speakers. How exciting is that?

Life in the fast lane for Thelma and Louise is an experience we love. So onto the second week in Virginia and many more exciting times. Grab a book, flip through the pages. You might find an interesting story that will entertain you. See you soon.

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