Friday, July 10, 2009

Back Home Again


Hello. Hope you all are having a great summer. Here are some of the highlights of Virginia Czaja and my 5,700 mile trip we took in June. We had fun, we learned a lot about our country, and we worked the business of selling books and meeting some wonderful people.


Ginny and I have finally returned home after five weeks of being on the road with a 'Thelma and Louise' adventure. We visited 30 libraries and the people were so enthusiastic about our books. In fact, Big Stone Gap and Wise County Libraries in Virginia have invited us back in March or April for the John Fox Literary Festival to coincide with the Mountain View Community College's program. How exciting is that?

Also in talking with the people at the Roanoke Library, they are excited that we will be back in for the festival and asked that we prepare a presentation for their patrons. So I guess March will be another trip on our calendar.


Our travel wasn't all work. We stopped in Savannah, GA, for a day, shopping and enjoying the scenery. Then drove to Charleston, SC to take a boat ride out to Fort Sumter, at the entrance of Charleston Harbor. It was a gorgeous day and the boat trip from Liberty Square to Fort Sumter was so relaxing and educational as we listened to a narrated history of the harbor and other historical points of interest. I was greatly interested in Fort Sumter for you hear about this part of our history, but the fort was hard to imagine. The guide did a terrific job explaining what took place during the battle. In the picture, all the cannon holes are blocked up. After the tour, we strolled around the grounds and also viewed the historical inside.

Another day trip was a bus tour of Gettysburg's battle field and the surrounding area. Ginny and I enjoyed having an extra day of free time to spend searching out shops, touring different historical sites, and just kicking back.


The third free day came later when we visited Niagara Falls. To see all that rushing water pushing toward the falls and never slowing down is difficult to figure out where all that water came from, every day, every hour, every minute, rushing over the falls to the river below that lay so serene and calm. All I can say is, the beauty is fantastic and there are always rainbows that stretch across the river from the US side to Canada.

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