Monday, January 18, 2010

Is It Legit?

As you will notice on my comment page, someone labels themselves as anonymous and attaches their advertising to my blog. That leads me to believe that they aren't capable of developing their own blog and do not have a following of interested people to read what they have to say. How sad to think that a person must "steal" space and piggyback to others to get their ideas out to the public. What a sad little person. My only request is that you totally ignore the comments and not participate in anything this individual may offer. If they can't run their business properly, then it probably isn't legit.
Sad Face from at


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Whoa! That's pretty surprising! Very sad.

Fran Lee said...

Definitely a lousy way to treat a blog owner. Luckily, 99% of comments are from people who enjoy your blog and who wouldn't do that. If I find a blog I enjoy, I follow it. Julia and I share a blog with five others, and we have a blast. I genuinely think that if someone left blatant advertisements on our blo0g comments, I wouldn't hesitate to go in a delete the comment.

Gwyn Ramsey said...

Hi Fran,

Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I totally agree with you.

JulieLeto said...

Gwyn, in most of these cases, the spammers are not people, but computers. You need to invest in some good spam blocking software that goes with Blogger. And yes, do delete any spam messages that come through.