Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Measure Your Feet Day

The other day as I was surfing through the Internet, I came across an article about special celebrated days that caught my attention. Measure Your Feet Day.

Yes, there is such a day that is celebrated on January 23. Now I’ve never heard of this particular event. But of course I’m sure I’ve missed many ‘different’ days to celebrate. So when I heard of this particular oddity, I had to read up on it.

First of all, the article is entitled REMARKABLE FEET and begins with a question. “Without taking off your shoes, try to remember: Is your big toe longer or shorter than your second toe?”

How many of you out there reading this article know the answer? I had to sit and think about this. I remembered the structure of my feet but for the life of me, the answer was slow in coming. So I had to look. Yep, the second toe is longer than the big toe. Did I win a prize? Probably not.

According to the article, “foot experts who study sports performance, can give a telling clue to athletic ability.” Well, they don’t know me well. So I had to read on. They had my attention. Hmm, my feet will give them clues.

It seems that most people's second toes are longer, like mine, which is extremely normal. That’s good to know. However, the experts state that “if your big--or first--toe extends further, you possess a natural advantage in skiing, sprinting, and certain other sports.”

The following two articles are interesting so read about the big toe advantage at Remarkable Feet and Holiday .


Julia Barrett said...

I have always noticed that my second toe is longer than my big toe. I thought I was just weird.

Karen Lingefelt said...

This is fascinating, Gwyn. Like Julia, I too thought I was weird for having a second toe slightly longer than the "big toe." And I've never been very athletic, either, but I always thought it was because I was just a klutz.

I'll have to check my son's feet when he comes home from school.

Karen Casey Fitzjerrell said...

Feet!?! I consider myself an expert....taught ballet for 20 years and destroyed mine. I had surgery about 9 years ago, reattached muscle, shortened tendons, sawed and pinned bones. A big yikes. Took me a year to learn to walk again. I say, appreciate healthy feet! Love your blog Gwyn!

Gwyn Ramsey said...


I thought I was weird too, but then one day I noticed that my feet were like my grandmother's. She was a lovely lady who always had a joke. Me, I kill the punch line.

Gwyn Ramsey said...


I was athletic to a point. Never could run track very good, but I was great at basketball. A very interesting article. This particular celebrated day is not a national holiday but to think they have a day for feet. Strange!

Gwyn Ramsey said...

Karen F.,

Darn feet are extremely important to the body. I always wanted to do ballet and toe dancing, now I'm glad I never advanced beyond tap. Still enjoy tap today and getting my steps together. Shuffle, hop step, ball change.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you enjoy it.

A.M.Writer said...

This post caught my attention because I'm trying to find out the history of measure your feet day. It happens to be on my birthday and I was curious.

I knew my 2nd toe was longer than my big toe, but didn't know it made a difference in athletes. Interesting!

Absolutely love the picture you have as a header. Is that the area where you live?