Friday, January 07, 2011

Going Commando

The word Commando usually refers to a group or unit working together, doing whatever it takes to accomplish or finish a task.

'Going Commando' refers to the new adventure of the annual Pants-Off Day that is held once a year in January. This year the date is Sunday, Jan 9 and with all the snow and winter weather up north, will this event still be held? You betcha.

An Improv group will gather together in different parts of New York to ride the subway. They board the transportation in their underwear and coats. The rules are: no smiling, act casual, and behave yourself. Of course there are no rules about the shock factor of the regular riders when 'Pants-Off' people enter the transportation partially undressed.

The You Tube URL is very interesting. Click on No Pants . Read and watch the video about this Commando event. It’s worth watching the expressions of the ‘normal’ passengers as this event takes place on the subway.

This one takes a lot of guts or just craziness. Who's to judge. When you finish with 'Pants-Off', grab a good book, sit back with a nice delicious drink, and enjoy the read.

Now you've seen everything.....almost.


Jan Britland said...

So funny, maybe we should do this in Florida. We'd get some way or another.

Heidiwriter said...

That's maybe even weirder and crazier than the Polar Bear plunge people take on New Year's Day--jumping into freezing water! no thanks!!

Arletta Dawdy said...

Thanks for the giggles, Gwyn. I didn't see a single goose bump.