Friday, February 17, 2012

Fascinating Bees

I’m not much of a bee enthusiast, but I do love the delicious nectar, “honey”. My experience with this tiny buzzing insect is usually to duck and move away as it flies by my head. But these small winged creatures are fascinating.

My father use to tell me stories about my grandfather who had beehives under his cherry trees. Climbing these soft-wooded trees was not allowed, but like any other boy his age, dad would sneak out and hide among the branches. Sometimes a switch was used to bring home the point that cherry tree climbing was outlawed, no matter how my poor young father felt about his adventure.

In researching about bees, I came across a blog describing a habitat made specifically for bees. A border over 100 feet long, planted with plants to attract the bees. Go to Frey Vineyards and read abut the lovely border.

I’ve been told that the best honey for consumers is produced by local beekeepers. Check out Tom Ogren’s theory about allergies and local honey at Pioneer Thinking. Also visit Carolyn Niethammer's blog on bees. Very interesting regarding beekeeping.

While you are reading, grab a good book, a cup of tea or coffee, and settle back for an adventure. Nothing like a story to sweep you off on a solitary voyage of adventure.


Janet Riehl said...


Welcome back after a horrific health year.

My grandparents kept bees in hives out in the grout orchard. Honey combs are the best!

Janet Riehl

Janet Riehl said...
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Gwyn Ramsey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Janet. Yes, homey comhs are the best.