Saturday, February 04, 2012

Things from the Sky

Here it is Saturday and the blog goes on.

I read the other day in Uncle John’s Reader about some strange items that fell from the sky. How many times do we look up expecting a deluge of things other than rain, snow, or hail to fall out of the heavenly blue? Not many that I can recall. But after reading the Bathroom Reader, I wonder.

The first one was hay. That’s right, plain old hay. Seems that a cloud of hay drifted over a town in England back in 1977. Fistful of the stuff dropped onto the town in clumps. What kind of a day was it….nothing spectacular. The sky was clear, cloudless and the temp was 79 degrees. Anybody have a goat? (pg 213)

In Brazil, a rancher reported in 1971 that beans rained down on his land. The local authorities surmised that a storm had swept a pile of the beans from West Africa and dropped them in northeastern Brazil. The farmer cooked up some but said they were too tough to eat. (pps 215-216)

Last but not least, silver coins. Now this one is worth watching the skies, but carry some kind of protection. In 1940 several thousand rubles’ of coins fell in the USSR. The explanation was that a landslide had uncovered a hidden treasure that was picked up by a tornado and dropped on the town. Pennies from heaven. I could collect a few. (pg 216)

That‘s all for now. Until next week, stay safe, kick back and read a good book.

Uncle John’s Supremely Satisfying Bathroom Reader. Bathroom Readers’ Press, Ashland, OR, 2001.

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Eunice Boeve said...

I researched this phenomenon for a blog some months ago and still haven't used it because I have to have a picture to go with it and haven't found a suitable one, in the public domain. It's absolutely fascinating the things that have fallen from the heavens. Glad you reminded me of this.