Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nook vs Kindle

New technology has flown in with a vengeance. We all expected that after 2000 but many people weren’t truly ready. So now we have a learning curve. Not a bad idea, we know change is good. So along came iPads, iPhones, e-readers, etc.

Today I’m talking about the war of the e-readers. There are many to choose from, however, the two outstanding ones are the Nook by Barnes and Noble and the Kindle by Amazon. People ran out to buy them with the question in mind, “which one to chose?” Good question. At the beginning, doing your homework on e-readers was extremely important and still is.

Now after all the dust has settled and people have their e-reader in hand, another question arises, “why aren’t they compatible.” During my book signings, I am asked this question all the time and there is no good answer. After the Nook/Kindle purchase, the buyer finds that not all books are available for his or her e-reader. Not fairsees, guys.

I know money is most important to the big guys in charge of developing and producing the e-readers, but money is also important to the little buyers who want to read their favorite authors. It doesn’t seem fair to purchase a high priced reader and then find that there’s a book you’d like to read but it’s written in another format. When will the companies get wise that more money will be spent for compatibility between readers? To me it would make sense to have all e-readers compatible so that anyone could read what is of interest to them.

So come on people and make it easier for readers to buy books of their favorite authors in any form so long as they can download the book and enjoy a good read.

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Diana Guess said...

Honestly, both Nook and Kindle are almost the same, because of this in my opinion, it doesn't matter on which device I read my favorite books as long as I'm enjoying them. Also, I got so many great titles from All you can books ... a site with hundreds of free eBooks for a limited time period.

Julianne said...

Here here! I finally had to switch from Sony to Kindle just because so many of the books my friends wrote were published only to Kindle.