Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Time and April Showers

Hello from Florida. What a month this has been. The weather turned warm and our pool is now active again.

As you can see, my friends in the picture are smiling big. The little lady on the right is Irene Curran, age 91, who is the sweetheart of Port Charlotte. What a great lady she is and a very good friend.

Jayne Spofford on my right is a lovely lady who tap dances. Her energy level goes on forever. When we dance, I try not to stand to close to her for she is so enthusiastic that my steps seem sluggish compared to hers. How I wish I had that much energy. Jayne is a very good friend who has edited some of my work and is a strong supporter of my writing. Dance on, Jayne.

This month I am pushing forward with my private investigator, Dan Mulligan on my next novel, WHITE POWDER. It is beginning to fall into place and the mystery is getting quite involved. Hopefully, I will have the story finished by September and then on its way to an agent.

The sad news this month is that we lost our wonderful rottweiller, Queenie. She was actually a big wuss who thought herself a Chihuahua. But at 122 pounds, there is nothing she could crawl under to hide that big body and sitting in my lap was out of the question, even though she tired many times. Now she is running the field of dreams with others like her.

It's time to dash to a party.

Stop by again and join me in reading. Grab a book, settle back, and enjoy the day. Easter is here and it's a beautiful time. See you all next month.


James W said...

Hi Gwyn,

We can sure remember that pool. Flopping around in it for a few nights a few years back. Sure sounds good about now. We are currently (Jul 11, 07) in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It's warm ebough to be in a pool. We are about as far from you as we could be, without actually getting wet.

Kim said...


Love your web site! Looking forward to going to Barnes and Noble to purchase one of your books very soon. Keep up the great work and tell Uncle Ken hello!