Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good News ! ! !

Good news. . .attention everyone . . . my first book is to be published. Treble Heart Books has accepted Journey to Tracer’s Point. The contract is signed and on its way to Arizona. Now to wait for the editor and his rewrites. Soon the book will be available for purchase, but from what I hear from other writers, it could take anywhere from 6 to 12 months before it’s available for purchase. So I will keep you posted as to the book’s progress. Can you say, "Happy Camper."

Yes, there is a Santa Claus, Virginia. My friend (in the above picture) hears this every year. She is a rock in my path of life that keeps me anchored. As a fellow writer and critique partner, Ginny is totally elated over my being published. I am grateful to this beautiful lady who has walked me through some pretty intense health issues. Thank you, dear friend.


Janet Grace Riehl said...

Hey, congrats, Gwyn, this really is good news...good, big news.


Janet Grace Riehl said...

Hello, Gwyn, I wanted to let you know I'm participating in Eric Maisel's "The Van Gough Blues" blog book tour. I'm day two, and our conversation on connection is now posted. I think you'd enjoy it.

Janet Riehl

wand'rin'star said...

Hi Gwyn,

I just showed Janet your "Excerpt" from Tracers Point, and realized it is not the the early transcript of your first book, that she read while we were staying at your place spring of 2003. You have been working some time to get this to happen, we are so happy for you, and so proud as well.

It's so wonderful to be a part of the life and see you persivered as you have and overcome so much. You have had so many ups and downs in your life, it's so wonderful to see this happen for you.

We love you and wish you all the success you deserve.

We will order your book through our Library here in Buena Vista, CO while we are staying here on out lot in Nathrop, just down the road.

Also, we will request it from the Library in Bolivar, MO and Florence, AZ. Of course, we will buy it too, just want others here in Colorado, Missouri and Arizona to have access to too.

Jim and Janet