Monday, October 01, 2007

Hello My Friends

Fall has arrived and the breeze here in Florida developed a cooler feel to it, although swimming is still an outside activity. It puts me in mind of my manuscript, Journey to Tracer’s Point and the challenges Caroline and Alexander Anderson had to face, trying to beat the mountain pass snows as they traveled westward to a better future.

There wasn’t time for slow travel, prairie tornadoes, deluging downpours, or even death. Life continued and the pioneers pushed onward, traveling 20 miles a day, if possible. They persevered in the face of danger. Most of the people actually walked from the jumping-off place of Independence, Missouri to a final destination of either Oregon or California. These rugged individuals dreamed of a better life and pushed forward to find the end of their rainbow.

I hope you will join me when my novel is published, in reading about the Andersons, their challenges to survive and their journey westward during the gold rush,

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