Thursday, January 17, 2008


The hustle and bustle of Christmas has come and gone, followed by the New Year 2008. What a fantastic set of holidays . . . spending money, visiting relatives, wrapping gifts, and all those baking days. I am always happy when the holidays arrive and extremely elated when they are over with. The Florida weather turned cooler so winter has finally arrived for us in the Deep South along the Gulf. I actually had to pull out my sweats. But it is January, it’s to be expected for a few weeks.

A long-awaited vacation to Colorado this month to visit our son, Mark, and his family started my new year off perfectly. Our two grandsons, Connor and Nick,(below) were excited that grandma was visiting.

One day we drove up the snow-covered mountains near Boulder and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. It was cold, but my fur coat kept me nice and warm. From a distance, a line of dusty gray foothills guarded the gorgeous white peaks behind them. Sometimes the clouds would perch on the peaks like fuzzy white hats.

With regard to my book, I am happily awaiting news on the rewrites from the editor and know that busy times are ahead. The book, JOURNEY TO TRACER'S POINT, will be available in tradepaper and e-publishing. I will post the cover on my web site when I receive it. So check back periodically to see all the exciting news and happenings that is about to take place.

If you have time to visit my friend, Velda Brotherton, you will delight in watching her video on ‘Living among the Shadows of Time’. She is a fantastic writer and storyteller. So click on video and sit back to enjoy this unique experience.

It's time to run. Grab a book, settle back, and take pleasure in a good read.


Susan J Tweit said...


How lovely to think of you getting away to visit your grandsons in Colorado! If I had known you were in the state, I would have been waving from my perch in the south-central Colorado.

Good luck with Journey to Tracer's Point. Keep us all posted. . . . And thanks for your comments on my blog.


Karen Lingefelt said...

Gwyn darlin', I'm so glad you're blogging! You are an inspiration in so many ways, now let me inspire you . . .

You've just been TAGGED!

Report to my blog for further instructions--which I'm sure I've messed up already, since this is the first time someone tagged me.

Love ya!