Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fantastic Month

Another month has flown by and I’m still playing catch-up. My schedule began the first part of October with a speaking engagement at the Venice Senior Friendship Center entitled READY. . .SET, regarding going west in a covered wagon, what it took to get the wagon ready and how much the pioneers had to leave behind to make the journey west. This carried over to Part Two at the Englewood Library here in Florida entitled READY….SET….GO, covering the travels through cities, across rivers, and over trails the pioneers encountered on their way from Virginia to California. Both presentations coincided with a book signing of my book, Journey to Tracer’s Point.

Also in October, I attended the Women Writing the West Conference in San Antonio, Texas. What a wonderful experience to rub elbows with so many talented writers. The workshops and speakers were inspiring as well as informative.

                               The Alamo 

The day tour through San Antonio’s Riverwalk, the Alamo, and the historic and haunted Menger Hotel (built in 1859) were the highlights I shared with many of my writer friends.

The Menger Hotel                                

Of course, I can’t forget the Twig Bookstore where Women Writing the West members’ books were for sale. So many to choose from, my arms were full as I approached the cash register. What made this year’s bookstore so special is that my novel, Journey to Tracer’s Point graced one of the tables with its sepia cover all nestled among the other authors’ books.

Now it’s time to slip away as I grab a book. My tea has steeped, my pillow is fluffed, and I’m ready to settle back to read Elmer Kelton’s Texas Vendetta. See ya all soon.


Loretta said...

Oh, the busy life of a published author. But it's all fun. Would have loved to have joined you on your trip to conference in Texas. Congratulations on have your book among the many notables.

Mary E. Trimble said...

Gwyn -- Congratulations on the contract for your second book. You've been doing a fabulous job with promotion and appearance with your first. You're doing a good job on your blog, too.


Helen Ginger said...

Were you surprised by the Alamo? I was the first time I saw it. In Texas, the Alamo is huge with a lot of history and mystique. I was young at my first visit and expected it to be somewhere in the country with land around it, sort of how I'd pictured it from history books. But there it sat in the middle of town surrounded by traffic and gift shops.

Still...once you go inside, you feel the history and the weight of the lives lost there. You feel a quiet descend, a sense of reverence.

Joyce Lohse said...

Hello Gwyn -- Love your blog! After the Texas adventure, I really enjoyed my Elmer Kelton book. Looking forward to reading more, AND am looking forward with relish to reading your book. Enjoy the writing life! -- Joyce

Velda Brotherton said...

Hi Gwyn, Congratulations on the new contract. Enjoyed your blog and the pictures, since I couldn't make the tour. Didn't we have a spendid time though. Well worth the long miles in so many ways. New friends, old friends, contracts, networking, and the trip itself which we enjoyed immensely. Guess we're strange, but we still love to drive all over this great land of ours, stopping whenever we feel like it. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.