Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Spirit

Tonight was a special night for me. I was able to spend the evening with two very wonderful friends, Irene Curran who was celebrating her 94th birthday and my writing buddy, Virginia Czaja (author of Emeralds on Wednesday to be released summer 2009).

We ate at Luigi’s Restaurant here in Port Charlotte. It happens to be one of Irene’s favorite places for their spinach pie is delicious. She can attest to that. After dinner, the waiters and waitresses sang happy birthday to Irene and then set a slice of turtle cheesecake in front of her.

The special evening progressed into an exciting adventure after dinner. Virginia drove and I manned the Garmin as it guided us from place to place, searching out Christmas lights and decorations. We oo’ed and ah’ed as lights twinkled and flashed, some displays lit up the entire block. Irene was delighted. The joyous hours slipped by as the three of us shared the holiday spirit.

Happy Birthday, Irene. And Merry Christmas to everyone.

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legalpoetamaka said...

it is really cool seeing you all happy. it challenging hearing you say that you are young at heart.