Wednesday, December 03, 2008

November has come and gone

The month started out slow but halfway through the days picked up. It began with a marvelous presentation of my book, Journey to Tracer’s Point, at the Englewood Library here in Florida with my friends Irene Curran, Mary Schoenecker, Virginia Czaja, and Mary Maijala, and went right into the weekend at the Port Charlotte Cultural Center.

The Christmas theme was infectious. The table was set and new friends were made as I shook hands, joined in the conversations and signed books.

The following weekend, another book signing took place at the New Day Christian Church Christmas bazaar and it blended right into Thanksgiving.

I have to say that holidays are usually slow in arriving, or so it seems. But suddenly, POOF! they’re here and the rush is on. Take Thanksgiving for example. I love Thanksgiving when everyone gets together, hugging and smiling. Family and friends put their feet under a table filled with delicious food. Well, maybe too much food. You get the point.

Now the month of November is gone and we are looking at the BIG holiday ahead, Christmas. So everyone get out your list, check it twice, because the decorations have to be hung, the cards need to be signed and mailed, and the gifts wrapped and set under the tree. If you hurry you can get the cookies baked and be ready for the jolly man in the red suit . . . . . the count down is on.

Don’t forget a fantastic Christmas gift for that avid reader is a book. Check out my website at Treble Heart Books. You’re just one click away from ordering a great read for that special someone.

Have a great week. Take time to settle back with a good book and enjoy the season.

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Loretta said...

Love the Santa hat. It's great to see your promotions going so well. Keep up the good work and sell...sell...sell.