Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Farmer's Almanac of 1793

How interesting it is to read from the past. We of the 21st Century rush to Wal-Marts or some grocery store, pick up what we need and hurry home to fix the meal. Gardening as it use to be way back when, isn't how we garden anymore. Oh, yes, there are still a few talented people who garden and can every year. I use to be one of them. The summer was taken up with a hot kitchen, canning jars, lids and rings. But when we downsized our family to two individuals, I retired.

In reading over the 1793 Almanac, I drifted back to those days of planting, hoeing, making a garden to have fresh fruits and vegetables. Ah, memories.

The following material is dated June, the 6th month, taken exactly as it was written in 1793.

I now suppose the busy seed time nearly over, tho' it may do to plant potatoes, peas, beans, etc. Weed Indian corn. Bleed horned cattle of all kinds. Weed carrots, parsnips, onions, etc. before weeds overrun them. Sow buck wheat. Melons and cucumbers, attacked by bugs or flies, fumagate with brimstone or tobacco smoke. Salt your cattle often. Cross harrow fallows. Hoe cabbages often; nothing will make them flourish better. Continue to sow radishes, peas, etc. Water tender plants. Look often to melons, cucumbers, etc, and see that bugs do not destroy them. Weed flax. Plough fallows while the dew is on in the morning. Water tender plants. Begin to half hill Indian corn. Plant cucumbers for pickling. Begin to cut your clover; take it when it is very early in flowers. Let it have one day sun. then cart it, and when mowing to every ton put half a bushel of salt.

I have never heard of salting cattle, fumigating melons with brimstone or tobacco smoke or bleeding horned cattle.

My goodness, reading all of that makes me tired. I guess I'll drive to the green grocer (vegetable market) and pick up some veggies for supper. Have a great day and enjoy the conveniences of modern times.

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