Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Interesting Character

The following write-up is about Richard Garnett who was the commander at Fort Laramie that you will find an interesting read.


In portraying First Lieutenant Garnett in my book, Winds of Change, I changed his persona somewhat and would now like to introduce him to my readers.

Richard Brooke Garnett, born November 21, 1817 in Essex County, Virginia, to William Henry and Anna Brooke Garnett, was the fifth child out of ten and a twin to William Henry Garnett, Jr. Richard was a gentleman, well read and willing to serve his country.

He entered the West Point Military Academy in 1836 and graduated in 1841, placing 29th in his class, two places behind his cousin Robert Selden Garnett

Richard was promoted to first lieutenant in 1847 in the U. S. Army and Commander at Fort Laramie from 1852 to 1854. While stationed in Wyoming, he married with Looking Woman (sometimes referred to as Looks At Him), an Oglala Sioux, born 1840 and died 1928. When Richard transferred out, he never knew Looking Woman was pregnant with his child, William Garnett, born April 25, 1855 in Fort Laramie, Wyoming Territory.

At the beginning of the Civil War, Richard struggled with the choice to serve the Union or the Confederate States. Even though he did not agree with the secession and because of his loyalty to the south, he resigned his commission in the Army and entered the Confederate States Army as a major in 1861. Later that year he was promoted to brigadier general.

At the battle of Gettysburg, Richard was very ill and had to be lifted into the saddle by his men. Commanding Pickett's brigade, he lead the charge and was shot on Union lines. He fell from his horse and died July 3, 1863.


Anonymous said...

Here I am!
Very interesting character! I can see why you'd want to write about him.
Good job!

Mary E. Trimble said...

I can see why Richard Garnett gave you such interesting material to write about. Good blog post, Gwyn.