Monday, June 15, 2009

Gather Ye Rosebuds. . .Achoooo

Ah, poetry. Some of my friends remember poems from bygone school days. I cannot. I wish I could for poetry is beautiful. It's just something that never stuck with me, like throwing a wadded wet paper towel up on the ceiling. Mine never stuck, it just plopped back onto the floor. Splat!

So I thought I would share a poem with my readers. A small verse that goes like this:

I'll pull a bunch of buds and flowers,
And tie a ribbon round them.
If you'll but think in your lonely hours
Of the little friend who bound them.
J. S. Ogilvie and Company, New York, "Seven Hundred Album Verses", 1884, Pg 65.

Keep Thelma and Louise in your thoughts as we travel the highway of adventure.

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