Friday, June 12, 2009

Pardon Our Rear

That's right. On the back of the Silver Fox (our van), we have a sign that reads, "Women are born leaders, You are following one." A gift from our line and belly dancer friend, Juanita Whitaker. Does she understand us or what?

As 'Thelma and Louise' travel the Interstates, we are loaded for bear. With a cooler full of water bottles, a box of snacks and fruit, boxes upon boxes of books to sell and distribute, maps galore and a fancy Garmin, two heavy suitcases stuffed full of clothing ready for any occasion, our life on the road is adventurous and entertaining.

We've held two book signings, visited a multiple of libraries, stayed with friends and enjoyed their company. Today we left Lynchburg, VA, and are now headed to see Gettysburg. Of course we'll take pictures and share with everyone when we get back.

We've traveled through Georgia, rode across South Carolina, up through North Carolina, slipped through the tip of Tennessee, and made our first and second full stops in Virginia. Pennsylvania is now our next adventure.

Here we come. . . ready or not. Thelma and Louise are back on the road.

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