Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Life in the Boat

I've corresponded with a very funny lady by the name of Joanne Palmer, whose humor has entertained many through her column in the newspaper, Steamboat Pilot & Today from Steamboat Springs, CO, better know as "the boat".

Her book, "Life in the Boat" is a collection of her newspaper columns which won second place for Best Humorous Column in the Colorado Press Association Awards last year. It also was a finalist in theColorado Author's League Top Hand Awards.

The judges commented that, "Ms. Palmer's wonderful vignettes provide a humorous spin to the everyday challengesand irritations we all experience. I could identify with many of them and now view them with a whole new perspective."

Palmer has many slogans about her book. Here are a few that I loved:

“It’s a good souvenir, and there’s not another book like it. We have cooking books and books of beautiful photography, but we don’t have a laughable look at life in Steamboat.”

“It all began out of motherhood guilt, because I never did my son’s baby book,” Palmer said. “Now he’s 11, and I’ve started writing columns. I thought, ‘Good, now I have a memory of my life in Steamboat.’ And he can give it to his therapist when he’s older and say, ‘It’s horrible. I never got a baby book. But I got this book'.”

If you enjoy humor and want a good laugh, maybe even chuckle a bit, the book is for sale online at Amazon.com and Booklocker.com .

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