Monday, October 25, 2010

Anyone Missing a Bridge?

We aren’t speaking of the new London Bridge in England, the Skyway Bridge in Florida, or the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. No, we are talking about a dental bridge.

There are many items in the lost and found box in a store such as an old tennis shoe, several toys, one earring, a T-shirt, keys, sunglasses and hats. The list goes on. But dental work? This has to be a first.

An employee at a Home Depot found a lower dental bridge in a store's aisle near the cash registers. It was meticulously wrapped in cellophane. The employee surmised that someone went to pay for their purchases, and inadvertently dropped the wrapped bridge as they pulled their wallet from a purse.

The employee checked and made sure that no one at Home Depot was missing the bridge. Now what to do? It became a sticky problem.

How would you handle reuniting the customer with his bridgework without creating an embarrassing situation?

1 comment:

L.C. Griffith said...

I am sure the person is devastated at losing it. My husband is a dental tech, and makes them for a living...and they aren't cheap! I think an add in the "Found" section of the newspaper would work. Not many folks willing to try on a bridge if it isn't theirs. LOL!