Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Four on the Hoof

I personally thought I had heard of everything in my day and time. But I guess we all have something to learn every day.

Recently while reading the newspaper, I came across a story in the ‘Odd News’ column. It seems there is a new way to rid yourself of unwanted weeds and grass in your yard without using a lawnmower or any gas-driven device.

A company in Oregon is now renting four-legged critters to do your lawn mowing. Approximately 50 goats are rented out to people who want to stay ‘green’. The goats attacked a two-acre lot near Portland, bringing hundreds of curious onlookers. But then, who wouldn’t stop to watch this menagerie.

The company, Greenwork, who hire out their goats, state that this is not a new idea. Our forefathers used goats for the same purpose, besides supplying milk. But suddenly people trying to stay ‘green’ have renewed the interest of using animals instead of equipment to accomplish yard work.

So everyone, step right up, rent yourself some goats, and get your lawns sheared without using gas propelled equipment. The only thought I have is……what do you do with the by-product? Can anyone say pooper scooper?


ramsey125 said...

Haha that is an odd subject! You always seem to find the strangest news stories, Grandma! I miss you!

Gwyn Ramsey said...

Glad you enjoyed the goat story. Ther is always something to laugh about.

I miss you too, love.

Helen Ginger said...

What you call by-product, others call fertilizer. I've seen a couple of TV clips about this. Even saw one where some town was using them to cut the hillsides of roads.