Monday, November 08, 2010

A Writer’s Dilemma

Have you ever thought you had everything under control, pat yourself on the back, turn around and find out pieces are missing? Okay if you have, then you will understand where I’m coming from

As a writer and pretty much in tune with my stories, I began the fourth book of the Anderson Chronicles. Yes, I knew the characters and what they were doing. I typed the first few chapters not a bit worried. But this time there was no title or any inclination as to the ending of the book. I told myself, those two items will coming along as I finish chapter after chapter.

I hate to be the one to say this, but it isn’t happening and now I’m at a dilemma. What to do. The chapters are filling in nicely, the characters are behaving themselves, and the storyline is progressing the way that I want it to so I’m not worried about the ending. My characters will handle that. It’s the title that is posing the problem and I’m at the crossroads, lightly pulling my hair out for suggestions.

So, my proposal is this. A title is needed for this wonderful story about James, Standing Tall, and Micah as they have come of age to seek their future and the women in their lives. James’ life is wrapped about the S&T ranch in Coryell County, Texas, but Micah and Standing Tall are not enamored with ranching. Their decision is to cross Texas in search of adventure and whatever comes their way.

Will these two young men make it to California? Will they eventually return to the S&T ranch or make a life for themselves elsewhere? What has James decided to do with his future since his fiancée was murdered while he was on a cattle drive? Will the John and Caroline stay on at the S&T to help James?

I have thought of several titles, but none seem to perk my interest. So I’m throwing it out to my readers for their input. If you are interested contributing the suggestion of a title, email me or make a comment on my blog. If I choose your title, you will receive an autographed copy of the new release next summer when it is printed.

Good luck to all and I do appreciate the wonderful help.

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