Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Hit My Office?

In most design magazines, the home office is shown to be well-manicured, orderly and uncluttered. What a lovely thought, everything in its own place. Tidy, tidy, tidy….that is if you aren’t a writer.

As I sit here in my office typing my little heart out, I’m oblivious to my surroundings only because I’ve been living with these conditions for the past ten months as I push myself to finish the next book. But today I did take a good look about the room and realized that something exploded. Or maybe it was a hurricane that hit here while I was out shopping for supplies. Yep, it had to have been a hurricane for I would never have made this mess….or would I.

My desk has a small space for writing and a place for my calendar, a necessary item to keep my schedule on time. But there are two piles of paper, on either side of my desk that lean inward, threatening a totally collapse to cover the new ink cartridges I purchased yesterday.

Besides the computer desk, there are two printers, a scanner, one 4-drawer filing cabinet, and four full bookcases share my wonderful yellow office space. It’s bright and cheery, even at midnight. But my housekeeping skills are slipping quickly.

My closet houses three more filing cabinets and more supplies needed to complete my every day work. Hanging in small bags on a bar are the following items: my tap dancing shoes, bingo dabbers, and peanuts for packing. Now how can I do without all of those bags of lovely items?

On the trundle bed that I use as a table, much of the space is covered with more paperwork, and thirty-three books that wait for me to read for pleasure and/or research. Of course I use the floor space with several stacks of papers to be filed or read. Research is top priority in the office so there is lots of filing to be done each Monday.

To the right of my desk, two printers wait for me to say hello each morning as they yawn impatiently to be used. Not to worry. I have another 3-day book signing coming up and 600 brochures need to be printed, folded, and packaged into stacks of ten before Friday. At least the 500 books have been autographed, stickers placed on the front covers, and the books neatly boxed ready the big event.

I looked around the office again and realized that the hurricane that hit here was named Gwyn. Yes, she blew in, spread the wealth of paper and books, then quickly retreated to the other end of the house.
The big problem is, I have company coming this weekend and I will be sharing sleeping quarters in my office with a friend. Oh, my goodness and that’s only a few days away. Housekeeping is definitely in order or at least some quick shaping up.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day to tackle everything. Now, if I can just get the next paragraph typed. Maybe 100 more words. Hmmm.

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Betty Craker Henderson said...

I love it, love it, love it! I think someone used my place as the model for the drawing you used on your site because it looks exactly like it. When I see those nice neat places I gag (while I turn green with envy! Soul sisters and brothers, unite!